A Quality of Light, A Pattern Disrupted, A Motion, A Balance, A Contradiction
Violet Moore Higgins - Three Days Agone I Found a Tiny Fair-Haired Infant - via
Sweet is the Rose By Amelia Bauerle ( Amelia Bowerley ), an artist from the late 1890s to the early 1900s  - katinthecupboard
Woman holding child in arms - Amelia Bauerle (Bowerley)
Amelia Bauerle (Bowerley) (1873–1916) ~ Mermaid And Merbaby ~  via
Paul Rink - c1890s - via
Jon Rappleye, Awakened from Winter’s Tranquil Slumber, 2009  artdaily
Laetitia Soulier, The Square Roots 3/3  artdaily
Margaret Rice Oxley ~ When You Do Dance I Wish You A Wave O’ the Sea ~ via
Charles Dana Gibson (1867 –1944)
Anne Anderson ~ Emily ~ Stories from Chaucer ~ 1913 ~ via