A Quality of Light, A Pattern Disrupted, A Motion, A Balance, A Contradiction

Otto Theodore Gustav Lingner (1856-1917)

Gustave Doré - Ill. for Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso

The Arts: Painting, 1898 by Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939).

Jean Baptiste Camille Corot - Virgil’s Muse  
Alphonse Mucha, Rotten

Gisbert Combaz • Tree & Valley • Circa 1898 - via

Still Life With Breath by Laura Orchard - Graphite on paper 10x10

The Bluebird by Frank Cadogan Cowper
The Bridesmaid by John Everett Millais - 1851 - via

Dorothy Lathrop ~ The Little Mermaid ~ 1939 ~ via
She had never seen such magic fires. Great suns whirled round, gorgeous fire-fish hung in the blue air, and all was reflected in the calm and glassy sea.